Brandt Fenris - uncolored Picture

Alright, guys, meet my newest manster, Brandt Fenris, son of Fenris (Fenrir) of Norse mythology. Fenris was the giant wolf son of Loki and the frost giantess, Angrboda.

Brandt means sword in Old Norse.

Brandt's style is VERY HEAVILY influenced by glam metal, specifically by Motley Crue. His hero is Nikki Sixx. He gets made fun of a lot because he wears makeup and heels, and he carries around a bass guitar that he doesn't even know how to play, because Nikki is a bassist.

I guess that's really it for the description of him. Hope you enjoy, I'm gonna get him colored asap, he's so much fun!

Do NOT use this picture in any way without my permission, including posting on other sites.
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