Inanna Picture

A hero!


Name: Inanna (sometimes goes by "Anna")
Age: N/A (age is measured in millennia, appears to be in early to mid 20s, due to immortality...)
Hair: Dark brown, but variable
Skin: Tan, but variable
Eyes: Lapis Lazuli, but variable
Height: 6' 2", but is variable
Weight: 125 lbs, but is variable
Status: Supernatural being, superhero


Inanna has been revered and worshiped as a goddess of love, fertility, and war. She was known as Inanna in Sumerian mythology, and carries that name to this day. In Norse mythology, she was known as Freyja. In Greek mythology, Athena (this was a period where she focused more on battle and learning, so the Greeks never knew what she did before). In Japanese mythology, Benzaiten. And the list goes on and on...

Inanna is the younger twin sister of Ereshkigal (a.k.a. The Broken One).…

Now, one might be wondering, if she was a goddess of fertility, love, and war, then why is she dressed like this?

She has changed a lot. Around the climax of World War II, Inanna converted to Roman Catholicism (she probably saw the overwhelming amount of death, violence, and immorality she had caused... these circumstances showed her the error of her ways, and she recognized God as the one true God). She tries to make up for millennia of violence, lust, and revenge to this very day, and occasionally encourages Ereshkigal to do the same (which is why you see her carrying a rosary).

Inanna derived most of her power from male energy (from aggressiveness to libido), especially from those nearby, so her role as the goddess of love and war suited her well. She no longer encourages war and the like, so she doesn't mind losing her immortality from a lack of conflict if it means choosing the right path.

Inanna's powers are immense. Because of her status as a goddess, she has the powers of flight, superspeed, superstrength, hypersensitivity, and a high degree of invulnerability. Several millennia of existence of watching/participating in wars gave her highly advanced battle experience. Her weaknesses are brute force and a lack of male energy. She can bestow powers unto others, and can sometimes shape-shift (though she prefers her original form). The limits of her powers are unknown.

Initial inspiration: Inanna/Ishtar (Sumerian Mythology)

Other inspiration: Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
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