Bast Picture

My new X-Men OC, Bast.

I actually kinda stole her story from a famous cat hero (cookie to whoever guesses right XD)

A young professor of Egypt mythology, Hope, was a mutant who, well didn't know she was one until one night. Her human brother has been getting involved with the wrong people, and got them both killed. Hope's true powers came out. A cat has nine lives, therefore Hope survived while her brother, Leo, did not. Opening up the cat-like woman who is the one on the right, Bast.

Name: Hope Cassandra
Race: Mutant
Age: First class: 22, Others: Not sure, she doesn't age much.
Personality: Quiet, shy and artistic. Hope taught Art and Egyptian Mythology at Ra Academy.
Family: Her brother, Leo, and her parents aren't mentioned much. She'd rather not talk about them.
Crush: I have an idea, but you'll just have to guess MWAHAAHA
Favorite Food: Sushi and Milk
Best Friend: Storm, Rogue, or Mystique depending on the time.
Likes: Sunny days, the beach, fluffy pillows, art museums, fairs, and cat comment...
Dislikes: Bullies, tape, the cold, snakes and spiders.
Powers: During the day Hope's cat-like abilites only come out in certain situations, but at night she's a totally different person. She's flexible, and sneaky. Sharp, silver claws adorn her hands and feet. She can also communicate with animals and feel your emotions when she touches you.

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