Persona 3 Calendar - February Picture

This is my current project: a Persona 3 Calendar, with every month representing the first Persona of the first twelve Arcana in the games. The front page, 0 - the Fool is already done, and so is January: 1 - The Magician. This is February: II - The Priestess, featuring Apsaras.

Once this is complete, I'll upload the entire calendar in one huge file, but until then, it's month-per-month, in smaller dimensions.

Every page takes about ten hours to draw, mainly because I use original poses rather than those of the official art.

Apsaras is the first Persona of the Priestess Arcana. Apsaras (sanskrit: अप्सरा) also known as Vidhya Dhari, according to Hindu and Buddhist mythology, are spirits that appear in the form of young, beautiful women who have mastered the fine art of celestial dance. They are the wives of Indra's servants, Gandharvas, and are known to entertain the gods and fallen heroes, dancing in the divine palaces to music made by their husbands.

Her pose was based loosely on her spellcasting pose.

You are granted permission to download, print, and display this calendar for personal use only - and giving me credit would be very kind ^_^

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