Dread Raven Picture

I've wanted to do an archer character for a long time. I like the way this one turned out.

Not long ago I finished the second book in the King Raven series by Stephen Lawhead (great series). So, I took inspiration from Bran Ap Brychan for this new character. His hero name is Dread Raven, and he takes the mystery and legend from Celtic mythology of the raven. The hero himself has no superpowers but relies on a sense of mystery and reputation for that. As such he is a bit like Batman and has some elements of Green Arrow as well.

He is in effect a highly trained gadgeteer and extremely skilled archer who uses a variety of special arrows. He is extremely skilled in stealth, martial arts, acrobatics etc. And there might be some subtle supernatural elements at play as well.

I see him working mostly at night and kind of loner, vigilante type. Yeah, a lot of Bats type stuff with him.

When I color him I'll put him in lots of dark colors (maybe blues and greys and blacks).
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