Brogan - Accomplishments Picture

*Updated with that glowing soap-opera style glow that I love so much.
*Updated jeans. The previous texture was a shortcut and looked horrible--replaced it with an actual denim texture.

About 6 hours--maybe longer, decided to add textures this time instead of flat shading like I did with Kodiak.

In-Game Description:
Name: "Brogan"

Species: Semi-Chaotic Transdimensional Manifestation of Undetermined Mystical or Mythological Origins

Description: Musclebound beyond human potential, this red-skinned brute clearly possesses a gargantuan amount of strength. A monstrous and demonic face do nothing to hide his obviously chaotic origins.

PRIMUS Information (Unclassified): A new arrival to Millennium City, "Brogan" as he calls himself was somewhat accidentally summoned by DEMON from an as of yet unspecified dimensional plane. He claims that he used to interact with 'souls' of exiled beings, yet the mystical interruption by DEMON caused him to absorb the collective consciousness of a varied group of athletes. Upon arriving in our worldly dimension, Brogan's dominating personality was diminished greatly, and he now claims an interest in sports and fair competition.

His recognized powers are a mix of meta-level physical strength and endurance, as well as various infernal powers that are presumed to be mystical in nature. Brogan adds that his specific interests are: Baseball, Football (US), Wrestling (Traditional/Professional), Snowboarding, Motorcycling, Bodybuilding, Strongman competitions and just about every other strength and endurance sport ever.
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