Disney Hercules: After three years Picture

Herc: Com’ on Meg! Do something about her! You’re the woman here so ...

Meg: Get lost, you sexist. It was you who wanted to keep it not me so now take care of it. Anyway, Herc, what’s the fuss about?! I mean, comparing to all the stuff she destroyed a teddy bear doesn’t seem to...

Herc: It was mine!!!

Ok, folks, today is the 15th anniversary of releasing ‘Hercules’ so I decided to upload of three pictures at once.

This is number 3 (and probably the first piece of a series of art that will show their family after(3, 6, 9,12, 15 and 18 years)

Herc, Meg and their eldest child, Aikaterine after first three years of marriage

About The name: Αικατερίνη [read: aɪ k ʌ t e r i n e ]. (I don’t know whether you know English phonetical alphabet, but I have no idea how to explain the right Greek pronunciation to you and English pronunciation differs much from the original one.) the name is long so they shorten it to Kate [again k ʌ t e, not k eɪ t)!

So now: What’s going on?

The truth is that Ancient Greeks almost always killed first-born daughters. it was just a habit, unspoken rule. They wanted to have always more sons than daughters. When you had already had a son a daughter was acceptable, but when you already had a son and a daughter and the third baby turned out to be a daughter it was killed. I hope I am clear enough.

In Greek mythology [heroes] had practically only sons, so when Meg was pregnant the thought that their future baby might be a girl didn’t cross their minds, especially it inherited it’s dad strength. When Meg gave birth to a daughter, they were shocked. Keeping a baby girl would make a fool of Hercules and it was a serious threat to his career. Meg was determined to kill the baby, but it was a manly decision whether to kill it or not. Fortunately or not Herc didn’t have heart to take any decision. The baby stayed with them and he announced to the crowd that the son to whom his wife gave birth was born dead. Kate as a child was kept hidden inside the house not leaving it even once until she was seven.

I know that nowadays it sound strange but it wasn’t so obvious back then that parents should love their children. Herc actually learn to like it after he got over the shock although he treated it with “you were supposed to be a boy” manner, but Meg literally hated it.

Herc and Meg belong to Disney
Kate is my OC created in 2007 or ealier.

EDIT: WOW! I finally managed to do the background. I know I ruined the shades. I also TRIED to fix Meg’s face a bit. Yes, it’s a kind of sunrise Well....at least she doesn’t look like a frog any longer.... it’s rather a lizard now.
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