Mary Marvel, redeemed Picture

VS System fan card for the DC Final Crisis (DFC) fan set.

Mary Marvel for the Marvel Family and Challengers team.

I think that Mary Marvel should get her own set of patron gods, like she used to, that spell out SHAZAM.

I tried to think of candidates from other cultures, here's my short-list so far:

-Atalanta, heroine (goddess?) of speed
-Asclepius-god of healing, son of Apollo
-Aeolus, king of the winds
-Metis, Titan of good counsel, wisdom, and mother of Athena.

-Sampson, strength
-Makeda, name of the Queen of Sheba (according to Ethiopian tradition), wisdom

Native American:
-Hastseltsi (god of racing)
-Heng (thunder spirit)
-Hiawatha (hero)-strenght, invulnerability
-Hotoru (wind god)

-Anu (god of the sky)-"Chief of all the Babylonian dieties"
-Gilgamesh (hero)-Strength of the Sumerian Gilgamesh
-Marduk-(god of the city, wind, thunder, storms and rain)

Celtic Myths:
-Aibell-fairy queen/goddess in Irish mythology
-Math-greatest of legendary wizards in Celtic myths
-Morrigan-(goddess of war)

Chinese Myths:
-Shang-Ti-(supreme god of the heavens and sky)
-Huan-Ti-(god of war)
-Shan Hai Ching-(god of winds and sea)

Finnish Myths:
-Mielikki (goddess of nature)-"Mistress of the Forest"

Indian Myths:
-Agni (god of fire and lightning)
-Marut (wind spirit)

Japanese Myths:
-Amaterasu Omikami-(goddess of the sun)
-Hachiman (war god)
-Susanowo -(storm god and lord of the seas)

-Ariel-the powerful spirit from Shakespeare's The Tempest
-Merlin-the wizard from Arthurian legend

I'm coming up short on "Z" names, besides Ziu, a god of war and victory from Norse mythology (thank you NamiUzumaki!)

What you think? Who you would add?
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