On the Way With the Sleigh Picture

"Yes, every culture's mythology features the young hero chasing a pig sleigh."

Over the course of its 10 seasons, Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured 4 extravagent-yet-goofy Russo-Finnish co-productions. Of those 4 movies, "Jack Frost," which is illustrated above, is undoubtably my favorite. Not just because its the first Russo-Finnish episode I saw, and not just because I like the attitude of the Sci-Fi era the best. Rather, its because Ivan, unlike Illya Morovich, Lemon Kienan, or 'Sinbad,' is actually a likable character. Unlike the others, he has some actual chemistry and romance with his love interest. He doen't wander through the movie shouting at everyone like some sort of bombastic blowhard. And for every moment of mythic baddassery, Ivan is also put through a moment of futile silliness. Like when he played hide and seek with the mushroom guy, when he carried the chattering old woman back to her house...And when he raced through the forest chasing a pig sleigh!
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