The Broken One Picture

This is the main antagonist of my whole "Heroes and Villains" universe. The ultimate villain.

Name: (unknown, goes by "Artemis Khem")
Age: N/A (age is measured in millenia, appears to be in early to mid 30s, due to immortality...)
Hair: Blonde, but variable
Skin: Pale white, but variable
Eyes: N/A
Height: 5' 8", but is variable
Weight: 155 lbs, but is variable
Status: Supernatural being, supervillain
Description: The Broken One has been revered and worshiped as a goddess of death, destruction, and general chaos. In Sumerian mythology, she was known as Ereshkigal. In Norse mythology, Hel. In Greek mythology, Eris (though she likes to go by Artemis now, for whatever reason). In Japanese mythology, Izanami-no-Mikoto. And the list goes on and on...

Currently, she is the CEO of Khemical Labs Inc. Her company is among the top leading technological companies, as hers combines machinery with the arcane art of Alkhemy. In the higher ranks of the company, unknown to the rest of the world, she has her own cult, and they were granted immense powers through her.

Although she has existed through several forms of mythology, there is one shred of truth: she has a sister, Inanna (goddess of war, fertility, and sexual love), who lives amongst the humans.…

Khemical Labs Inc. (and Artemis Khem) is connected to the storyline in more ways than you know...

- Dr. Keller (Molybdenum's father), is an employee at Khemical Labs.
- Dr. Alkhemy (a villain and science schoolteacher at Katherine's school) is a top Alkhemist at Khemical Labs.
- Khemical Labs endorses the loose cannon superhero team, the Fortune Crew.
- The Broken One gave Were-Cat, Hex, and a few other villains superpowers, to combat the Fortune Crew as an opposite.
- Katherine (RepliKate) is a result of an experiment from Khemical Labs. Khemdr is a result of an experiment with Katherine that Dr. Alkhemy commenced.
- The Broken One cursed an unfortunate heavy metal singer, which caused him to become an unstable entity known as Hellmouth.

She owns many charities, to magnanimously give goods to those who have none... but of course, this is simply a facade.

Some unknown event, involving a fellow angered being, caused her eyes to be destroyed. As you can see, there are two gaping holes where her eyes used to be, and she almost takes on the appearance of a broken China doll. She smears elixirs over her face to heal the cracks that may come down to her cheeks at times, but they eventually come back within three days (less, if she expended a large amount of power somewhere). Her title is simply an insult, given by those who are either powerful enough to stop her, or foolish enough to challenge her (either way, they would have to know who she really is at first to say that). It hints at her incompleteness, and she has become extremely self-conscious as a result.

She usually wears sunglasses, when in public, and explains that she is blind. In truth, it is not known to us whether or not she can really see through her obvious lack of eyes, but she DOES have the given ability to look through any picture of an eye as if it were one of her own (the better drawn, the higher quality the resolution) (so, if you happen to see someone's eyes move on a billboard, then that means she's looking through them).

Her true power is incalculably immense, granting her powers such as flight, speed, strength, hypersensitivity, invulnerability, and shape-shifting. She can fire blasts of energy and control weather patterns, and can bless/curse victims with power. The full extent of her power has yet to be discovered.
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