Pandora's Box Picture

While in mythology, Pandora’s box contained all the world’s evils. In truth, the box is a prison to a dark being known as Maelstorm (Chaos in the mythology) a void-like being that is empowered by the evil within the universe, and his great army of evil beings. Long ago, Malestorm’s children, some of the Primordials, betrayed their father and the other Primordials who remain loyal to him and imprison them inside a small box. After Pandora mistakenly freed him from his prison, Maelstorm and his children attempted to destroy all that is good and rule the world in evil, until the gods of Animalympous, along with a brave and powerful hero of unknown orgins, fought against Maelstorm and his army, and successfully imprisoned them all back into the box once again. Taking responsibility for her mistake, Pandora vowed to watch and guard the box from those who attempt to open it again.
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