Ice Sword Legacy p01 Picture

There is an Italian heroic-fantasy comic called "Ice Sword" (La Spada di Ghiaccio) by Massimo di Vita that is based on Norse mythology, and I've read the last episode in Disney magazine "Mickey Parade" when I was a kid, and I thought it was quite epic.

Oh, and it stars Mickey Mouse and Goofy as the heroes. And Goofy is the most badass there (you can spot him in the page). They go in another dimension, "Ululand", to fight this Darth-Vader-like overlord by finding the mythical Ice Sword. Defeating him does not mean the end, though, and worse is yet to come.

Very few of you would probably know about it, but I was thinking of doing a fancomic (with at least very irregular updates) of it. It starts with a quick recap.

Pour les francophones, voyez donc par là:… (in French)

EDIT: I found out it has been officially translated in English, and called "Sword of Ice", while the villain is called "Prince of Fogs". Oh well. Don't know if it's worth modifying it...
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