Super Sailor Soldier Lady Wonder Woman Picture

Randomly got the urge to look at Wonder Woman costumes throughout the ages and also tons of fan art of her.

It's really fascinating how Sailor Moon is truly a spiritual successor to Wonder Woman. Both use red, white, and blue color schemes, heavy usage of Greek/Roman mythology, very similar themes of truth, love and justice, etc.

Anywhey, this is just me mucking about putting together a Sailor Senshi doll of Diana of Themyscira herself.

It's okay imo, but not very inspired and I tried not to stray from the design of her original costume. Really the only differences are the skirt (which she actually had in her very first iterations) and a senshi bow/brooch combo instead of a gold half-breast-plate thing shaped like an eagle or "w".

Will probably make another one where I take more creative liberties.
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