Koopfin and Neptune Turtle Picture

These are a new species of enemies called Koopfins, if they were in a game like NSMB or something, they would attempt to get by Mario swimming after him. If they are far away they will get into their shells and speeding towards the direction that Mario is in. Projectiles are the only thing that can defeat them unless they are above land. They can still chase Mario, but won't be as fast and can be jumped on like a regular Koopa Troopa. Their counterpart however, moves faster than the normal Koopfin under and above water...it would make sense for an enemy only found in the mansion of 20 rooms.

Tattle Log: That's a Koopfin! They are sea Koopas who are quite fast in water but not so much on land. Max HP is 20. Attack is 6. Defense is 2. Like I said their fast in water, so dodging it's it's attack will be hard as will actually hitting it. They attack by either just hitting us, or spinning into it's shell and speeding into us which is faster than it's normal speed. It says here that they are probably some of the fastest Koopas you'll come by... well underwater of course. On land they are slightly slower about a bit more speedy than a normal Koopa Troopa. Beating them will be harder underwater than above land because you can't actually jump on them underwater. Be careful when guarding.

-Sea Tackle: Will quickly lung into the party damaging one person. (5 HP)
-Ultra Spin: Will come into it's shell and spin very quickly through the whole party. (7 HP)

Tattle Log: That's a Neptune Turtle! It's a Koopfin that were said to have been trained as an elite guard of the great mythological undersea leader, Poisseaulpha(Who is a relative to Collosushi). Max HP is 40. Attack is 10. Defense is 3. I would imagine this things being faster than the normal Koopfins and stronger. They have a few new attacks along with their old ones. They can now hide in their shells for extra defense. They move so fast it's hard to see them, so guarding will be VERY hard. They can make a whirlpool that will suck in a hero or two for a turn or two, if it's Mario, the partner's must not be defeated or else Game Over. As a side note they are faster on land as if they were in water but fastest in water. A defense piercing strategy might be needed to defeat these guys in a quick amount of time.

-Super Tackle: Will move towards the person in front at almost full speed. (8 HP)
-Omega Spin: Will spin into it's shell then towards the whole party at full speed. (10 HP)
-Harden: Will release a shiny light around it's body then will go into it's shell for increased defense. (defense up by 5 for a turn)
-Whirl Pool: Will send a whirl pool after the party sucking in 1-2 heroes for 1-2 turns. 1 turn for two heroes and 2 for one. (10 HP + Immobilized Status)
-Speed Up!: Will raises it's speed by move size to side and turning really red for 2 turns(Speed up for 2 turns)
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