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The Generic Doomsday Villain is an overpowering antagonist without a believable goal, motive or plan or even a personality. They do not fancy themselves to be doing the right thing, they're not Driven by Envy, they have no personal vendetta against any of their victims, they are not in it for the money, they're not seeking Revenge for any real or imagined wrong done to them, and they're not even trying to satiate their excessive Pride.

So, why are they evil? Because they're spreading destruction and misery.

And why are they spreading destruction and misery? Because... they're evil.

They are always Chaotic Evil. And are most often Complete Monsters (and even more often literal ones)

I find this types of Villains very Boring, unbelievable, unrealistic, and just plain ridiculous. A story needs a Villain to drive the plot forward and to give the heroes something to foil. This villain needs to be powerful enough to stump the protagonists at least for An Arc. The Generic Doomsday Villain serves these purposes, but he's all power and no personality. I also find them all to be stupid evil (and not in a funny way) by definition. And they treated more like an obstacle for the hero to overcome rather than a true character.

Basically a Generic Doomsday Villain is a villain that calling a character is like calling the meteor that is going to destroy the world or the title way that's going to destroy the city a character.

Magnificent Bastard is basically the oppose trope.


All monsters of limited intelligence like the Alien from the movie of the same name.

The some what of a Trope Namer; Doomsday (the caracter above.) His kill everything he sees just because he's programmed to.

The Ultimate Carnage the it is justified as its a mindless monster made from Peter Parker's blood.

King Sombra from My Little Friendship Is Magic definitely qualifies. He set up an intricate security system to prevent anypony from getting the Crystal Heart in the past, but other than that, his characterization is nonexistent. He as no background or motivation, has no real interactions with any of the characters, hardly any lines, and the closes thing he has to a goal is his desire to destroy the Crystal Hearts and generally being a tyrant

From many of Bleach's fandom the only thing saving Big Bad Aizen from this trope is the fact the he dose have a plan. (ridiculously complicated plan that relies morning blind luck actual planing.) And even then many fans still see him as one. T
Not helped at all that many of is henchmen are more interesting and fleshed out then he is.

Vaatu in the second season of Legend of Korra He's the Spirit of darkness and chaos and seeks to dominate the world and bring about a reign that would bring about the end of humanity, and has little characterization beyond that.

In Teen Titans, Trigon was easily the most powerful villain of all, seeing as how he destroyed the world approximately 12 seconds after entering our dimension. However, being the "incarnation of evil" doesn't seem to leave much room for a complex or interesting personality. Luckily, every episode with Trigon in it also had Slade around acting as The Dragon.

Most of the villains in the show seemed to be wreaking havoc just 'cuz. Though it doesn't help that the show had a general aversion to origin stories.

The Cybugs from Wreck It Ralph. But they are mindless monsters so they can,t be evything but Generic Doomsday Villains.

Demise for The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword has been accused of being this by many Zelda fans. Several other villains are this to. Malladus from Spirit Tracks is even worse in this regard no personality or interesting goals and it doesn't help that he has almost no screen time and only one speaking line. Bellum from Phantom Hourglass is one of the most infamous examples it's really more of a hungry monster then a true villain. Filler Villain Onox in Oracle of Season Veran in Ages is at least somewhat fleshed out while Onox displays very little personality beyond destruction. Vaati in Four Swords kidnapped Zelda and forced her to marry him because? And then theres Nightmare from Link's Awakening, Zelda's most forgettable villain. Ganon of all people was one in his original game before he was fleshed out.

From anyone who as never read The Silmarillion or any of the sub plots of the Lord of The Rings Sauron is this. Subverted as the sub plots and the Silmarillion reveal him to be a Magnificent Bastard.

Kid Buu from Dragon Ball Z. Bronly from the movies also counts.

Surtur from Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes. He wants to destroy everything, just because. Doesn't help that the show was cancelled before he made anything but the most brief of appearances.

Surtur in actual Norse mythology isn't much better. His only real characterization is that he and his army are a big part of Ragnarok (Norsemen doomsday) they invade Asgard, he kills Freyr and engulfs the world in fire. And that it.

The Lich from Adventure Time.

In Once Upon a Time: In the pilot episode, the Queen is supposed to be this, untill Snow White says she wants to be Fairest of Them All. It isn't the case, as she wants Revenge, and, later, keeping her power and her son. (And It's good thing She didn't turn out to be this because like in said I find Generic Doomsday Villains very Boring, unbelievable, unrealistic, and just plain ridiculous And Regina is far from being that)

In The Dark Knight The Joker wont's you to think he's this. (Though he's far from boring.) And at times, it's implied that something happened that made the Joker how he is.
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