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One of the 6000 children of the ocean titans Oceanus and Tethys, Leuce is considered one of the most beautiful out of her 3000 sisters. When her path was crossed with the Lord of the Dead, love blooms like the flower in darkness.

However, it would be a brief moment of happiness.


Leuce is an oceanid, a salt water nymph, though in one source (coughcoughwikipediacoughcough) say that she is a type of Underworld nymph. There is not much info on her, but she is considered one of the lovers/consort of Hades.

The known consorts are Minthe, a Cocytus nymph, and Persephone, the spring goddess.

Though reading further on her, it's kinda like his relationship with Persephone, it's a happy and stable one, contrasting certain...misadventures that his relatives gotten themselves into. You can choose friends, but you can't choose family, sorry Hades. And thinking about that, it made me think that there is a possibility that she might be his first girlfriend or wife long before he met Persephone (probably a time before she was even born).

Sadly though, it seems that nymphs aren't really as immortal as the gods themselves. According to the source, it was said that Leuce "...lived out her life span in his realm..." so it might mean that nymphs aren't immune to disease. (Tvtropes described her as the Ill Girl).

When she died, Hades commemorates by transforming her into a white popular tree and set it in the Elysium Fields as a memorial.

Interestingly, the leaf have two different sides, a white and a dark green side. Both colors representing the upper and underworld for the famed hero, Hercules, and one of his 12 Labors. Saying that the white side is formed by his sweat.

Additionally, the white popular tree is also sacred to Persephone, symbolizing resurrection.

But never the less, brief as it may be, but I'm sure that Hades must have been happy.


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