COTT -- Autolycus Picture

It's probably too late to warn for SEASON TWO SPOILERS of 'Class of the Titans' if you're reading this, but here's a warning anyway.

In January 2007, director Brad Goodchild posted a character model sheet of Autolycus, ie. the Prince of Thieves of Greek mythology. I can't express how ridiculously excited I was about that (I love clever trickster characters, which explains why Odysseus is my favourite hero, and hey, they're related) and I wanted to do a drawing of the show's version for awhile. So here he is, and holding the helmet from the sheet that I'm assuming is the one he stole from Amyntor and which Odysseus used in the Trojan War.

Drawn with a blue ballpoint pen, then inked using the Pen Tool in Photoshop, which took a very long time. Coloured in Photoshop by throwing on some base colours and shadows and highlights using brushed on lowered opacity and flow. The pottery texture is from Mayang's Free Textures Library.

The face (and ear) ended-up looking extremely wonky after inking, although it wasn't too bad in the original sketch. The hair is also probably too big. I attempted something I haven't really tried before -- foreshortening the arm of the hand that's on top of the helmet -- and I don't think it turned-out too badly. Hands seem to be improving too. I decided to CG the gloves as leather for some variety, and I REALLY like how the colouring on the helmet turned-out, especially after the application of the texture.

This interpretation of Autolycus (c) Studio B, Nelvana, and Teletoon.

EDIT: I still have the clean inked lineart available if anyone wants to use it to practice colouring, for some reason. I just ask that you a) do not repost the uncoloured version yourself, and b) give credit back to myself and my deviantART gallery. Just drop me a note.
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