OC EAH Tabitha Theus Picture

daughter of the ´Theseus ( i changed the Surname to Theus) of the greek Minotaurus Myth Tale

Everafterhigh OC (Everafterhigh belongs to Mattel)

Name: Tabitha Theus
Star Sign: Saggitarius
Division: ROYAL

What is your heart’s desire? I want to be strongest Hero in my Myth, and I want to help People at a pinch.

What "Magic Touch" makes you special? Since I am the daughter of Theseus, the brave and strongest Hero (besides other Heros) I am also very strong and I can turn down every enemy or obstacles.

What make you scream out "Oh Curses!"? Well when others think the descendant of Theseus can only be a Boy ... erm nooooo! Also Girls can be very strong.

What's your storybook romance status? Well I have Little crush on Daring Charming, because he is so strong, I really want to Show him my cool and heroic side .. I know he is in love with someone else, but I want to at least impress him. I mean there is someone else who has a crush on me, and I am really starting to feel in love with him. I think he is my destiny.

What's your favorite subject at school? Mythology of course I want to know every Thing about the adventures greek Heros made.

Your least? Fencing - but just because I am already so good at it.

Who are your best friends 'till the end? Rin Hua , Nightingale Thrustbeard and Ariana B. Taurus (my OCs) and CA Cupid (actual character of Ever After High - owned by Mattel)
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