The 13th Labor of Hercules Picture

August 2013

This is artwork detail for something my boss at work commissioned me to do for a certificate to award to all the people who worked on a particular project having to do with Florida schools. The idea was that the monumental project was like the thirteenth legendary labor of Hercules, so, as per their instructions of doing something "inspired by" Disney's version of Herc, I tried to come up with my own design of this Grecian hero (with a few perhaps recognizable elements and a Scarfeian swoop or two). I took the text out and reformatted the border to make it a standalone piece of art, and this is the result! It was very well received, and I kind of like how it turned out too.

This wasn't actually for a product that's for sale or proprietary imagery, so I don't feel bad about posting it on here, but still, please refrain from using it for anything not expressly permitted by yours truly.
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