Dracon Artwork, Pencil Art Picture

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Concept Artwork of one of my "Metroverse" OC's: Dracon.

As you can probably tell from the art style featured here
I based Dracon off of Mushu, from the Disney Film(s) Mulan.

but, his personality is a bit more like Daxter
from the videogame franchise "Jak & Daxter"

First off..Dracon is a Dragon (big shock, huh??)

at first glance, he looks like a weasel-sized lizard.
but, he has the ability to "magically" transform into a full sized Dragon
(greatly resembles the tradition Dragons of europian mythology.
or, to put it more simply: the Dragons from the Spyro The Dragon franchise.)

Aside from the obvious FIRE Element.
Dragon also has ICE abilities, as well.

Dracon is the self-appointed "sidekick" to human teen hero Shade.
and, tends to tag along (usually on his shoulder) on nearly ALL his adventures.

at times, Dracon can seem like a Coward.
often fast talking his way out of dangerous situations.

and, he can sometimes get a little Greedy
(going into a spastic frenzy when he sees Gold and Jewels.
and, spends his free time thinking of "Get-Rich-Quick" Schemes.)

But, he can be Brave and Selfless when the situation calls for it
(often this happens if Shade, or any of his friends are in serious danger)

Dracon likes to think that he's a "Ladies Man"
but, his lame pick-up lines and bad jokes doesn't impress any females.

It is unknown just WHERE Dracon originated from
(he was found in the PPG-DL universe, home of Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls
but, it is quite obvious that he ISN'T a native of that world.)

it is speculated that he hails from an Alternate Dimension
where Magic and Fantasy are the norm, and somehow ended up in "The Real World."

it is also implied that he wasn't very "popular" in his home dimension.
and, may have left of his own free will to start off a clean slate
(which would explain why he was so eagar to join Shade, a Superhero, upon meeting him.)

EDIT: For story reasons, I am also considering on using him
in 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" related material..

If only because MLP already has dragons in it.
and, I am curious as how Dracon's presence there would affect them.

whether or not Dracon is actually a native of Equestria remains to be seen (although, it would be hilarious if he was.)


"Dracon" Character copyright
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