DC, Listen up! Picture

The only thing I would have 100% confidence of is running WB's plans for a DC cinematic roll out!

I mean, they have such a vast playground to work in.

Conquer the Cinematic universe with single aspects of a huge mosaic universe...

Batman/Superman - Cityscapes in contrast - Dark/Bright Aspect
Aquaman - Adventure/Underwater Aspects
Wonder Woman- Mythological/Femdom Aspects
Flash - Midwest, City Protector, Lighthearted Aspect
Green Lantern - Cosmic Guardian/Space Aspect
Plastic Man - Humor/Adventure/Secret Agent Aspect

At some point in each of these flicks, Martian MAnhunter makes a vague cameo. Be it red eyes in an alley, a green arm reaching out from the shadows, an invisible form sliding out of frame, a mental flash or contact in a dream or Batman realizing something is in his mind.
This will lead into the Justice League Movie!!

PERFECT. I know it's stealing a beat from Nick Fury/Marvel cameos but who cares.

Then comes the wave of perfect kid/family entertainment to rival Disney/Marvel.

Angel & The Ape, Detective series or movie!
Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew CGI film, then TV show.
METAL MEN! Would make for a fantastic series of family films!
CAptain Marvel can be the bright spot that they refuse to make Superman into, fun and family friendly. With Tawky Tawny as his sidekick and Mr. Mind and Sivana as villains! Amazing potential!

Meanwhile continue to introduce other DC characters through tv and film, tying each to the main universe.
JLA DARK: Dr Fate, Phantom Stranger, Spectre, Demon, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Constantine, tied to the JLA by Zatanna.

This can lead to Stand alone films for anyone who catches the audience's fancy!

HAWKMAN & ATOM: Space and Science form this unlikely team up for a stand alone film.
Green Arrow/Black Canary move from the small to big screen.

Robin, becomes Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy have all been shown or referenced in their counterparts' flicks so they team up. In the sequels that follow the roster can change and we meet Cyborg, Raven, Changeling, etc.

Batman forms a side group of the outsiders, Superman meets the Legion of SuperHeroes. The NEW GODS! Imagine that movie! It could follow the JLA flick that pits them against Darkseif. The New Gods show up at the end to take Darkseid back and they spin off too!

Can you tell I've thought this out?
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