Artemis Picture

Codename: Artemis

Real Name: ???

Height: 5'11"

Age: Unkown, appears to be untold thousands of years old

Marital Status: Unknown

Species: Unknown(Goddess?)

Powers: Immortality, invulerability, superhuman strength and speed

Other Skills/Attributes: Skilled huntress, able to draw on the moonlight

Special Equipment: Impenetrable armor and helm crafted by Hephaestus(armor able to stretch, as seen during her pregnancy), spear also forged by Hephaestus(can transform into any hunting weapon)

Affiliation: Powered Regency Earth Guuardians

She claims to be the Greek goddess Artemis, and may in fact be as such- or, at the very least, she is some sort of ancient higher being that inspired the legends, seeing as she is completely identical to the earlist renderings of the goddess.

Artemis first made the superhero scene ten years ago, when she stopped the terrorist group HADES from unsealing the titans, curiously sealed under what is now Apex City. Unlike other heroes, who maintain and uphold the law, Artemis shows little regard for mortal regulations, and instead focuses on protecting the Earth itself, rather than its people.

Her current state is somewhat befuddling to mythology experts, as Artemis was supposedly chaste- how on Earth is she pregnant?

According to the goddess herself, it was an act of revenge by her sister Aphrodite, having tired of all of the accusations of promiscuity. She enchanted Artemis, so she would fall in love with-and bed- any man she saw, with predictable results.

Artemis' pregnancy has not hindered her, however, as she is much stronger- and faster- than most mortals, although Suprema could likely match her in both regards.
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