Akiak Storyboard Project Picture

Sometimes in the schoolwork I’ve been doing I get to mess around with my original ideas a bit. So in my Animation Layout and Scene Design class I’m getting to flesh out an idea I’ve had rattling around my noggin for a few years now. “The Legend of Prince Akiak” is an original story of mine, which is basically a hero’s journey, mixed with Inuit mythology inspired characters, in a fantasy world. In the class we have to create an original storyboard sequence. I decided to take a scene involving my hero character Akiak and his first confrontation with and evil deity. This is the very beginning of the sequence so there is more to come, and if the rest turns out as decent as these did I’ll post the rest, as they are finished over the next few weeks. The final version will have dialogue, camera, and action descriptions, but for now just 8 little pictures.

Drawn and inked on marker paper, background in Daz 3D studio, colored and modifications done in Photoshop CS4.
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