Duel gone Wrong Picture

(Wow hey haven't posted in a while)

These are Mjil and Hel.
They're zmeu halflings (eeeh romanian mythology dragonlike badguys) and they're pretty much complete opposite qt3.14's.

Mjil is an optimistic warrior "if all fails, punch it" faggit who's pretty much the hero of her village, while Hel is considered a lowlife by the rest of her pureblooded family and essentially the black sheep of her entire species. She resorts to magic to make up for her scrawny physical power.

Hel tries to conquer Mjil's village in an attempt to make her parents proud, but she fails all the way (toplel)

(they both look too much like both of my sonas lmao i need to re-color them)

did a bit of stylized line vs shitton of colors experiment here idek.
i should do homework and artwork for schools and here i am drawing dragon lesbeans fml

soundtrack- ]cryptex - the walking dead (This is so good makes my fangirlism tingle)
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