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"So you kill one of us, won the battle but keep missing the war. You won't be able to stop us. Nightmares are everywhere.

This is the start of a nice poster-lineup to the factions of my RP, Weapon of Hope. And I've decided to get the ball rolling with illustrating a pair of beings who've been orchestrating the party's misery since day one: The Nightmares.

They are a cast of beings who've had their memories taken, and in exchange, been given inhuman powers. They form a terrorist organization dedicated to who knows what. Most are under forced servitude, others are simply unwilling to explain themselves. They've tried starting wars, destabilizing gangs, coroporations and governments. They terrorize, reap havoc and sorrow, and are involved in all sectors of the Orion Arm. They've wanted Sol sealed away for good, for some unknown reason. Most are named after faerie-tales and ancient mythology, and their powers are often similar to their namesakes. The party has found a means to sever their link to their powers, and this has made them further target the heroes. We've rescued some, killed others, but over the course of a few years there's been so few leads as to how to find their leads.

Those pictured are brother and sister; Hel and Jormungandr. Born as Nightmares, they are a couple of the few who run the entire performance. Hel stays hidden with the rest of the heads of the organization, while her brother is one of the oldest and most powerful of the Archdukes of the Confederacy.

It's been a real nightmare, when is it time to wake up? Download, it's nice. >D
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