Bell G Picture

An Oldie I just got allowed to submit. This'uns a favorite of mine:

In a fantastical world, similar to that of ancient mythological Greece, two Gods watch from the heavens as our hero, Bellum Gero, accidentally rips the world apart. Ooops...! This is Bell. ~Empress-of-the-Dead and I made him before Xmas last year.
The story behind him is that when he was little, the Gods, bored out of their minds, decided: Hey! Lets screw around with this kid for a laugh! And so they began competing over who could give him the more bizarre power, to fly should he touch his nose with his tongue, to teleport should he scratch his foot with the index finger of his right hand, and (my personal favourite) to vanish every time he gets a stiffy.

Consequently, he obtains so many irritating and often disastrous abilities that he has to scribble them down on notes of paper and rifle through them whenever he wants to use one. (this is handy for when angry villagers attack him for destroying the place having sneezed etc.)
The Gods (a few varying power crazed immortals) visit him often, sometimes giving him new powers that they've thought up, sometimes just to wind him with a friendly stomach poke (they're often like... mountain size. They are Gods after all!?)

A poor Greek shepherd boy who is afraid of his own sheepdog, Bell's (so far) only companion is his trustworthy sheep. He began his journey due to having lost said sheep. AND he has many ridiculous and worrying adventures. He's generally terrified of everything and his battle techniques include sitting still and running away in terror.

We made him during my RSI stage so I haven't really drawn him properly until now. But its a cgreat distraction in Chemistry to draw him struggling in a giant fist or fleeing from dust bunnies. :3 Generally I enjoy making his life hell. (Jesus... I should be one of the Gods, nay?) This painiting done especially for *shilin's competition: Transcendence. We basically thought of our most Godly character. I think he should be made a God. I've already drawn him in a ton of Xerxes esque jewellry an a rather skant Leonidus esque loincloth.

8D be kind to our dear little cursed shepherd boy, he's still cherry LOL <3
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