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Well heres the final batch, I don't know why I have so many I hardly play them.

this is a very long list so you might want to grab a cup of tea and a biscuit before you start.

Here goes, We'll start with the left column:

Sonic mega collection plus (the only sonic game I own)
Warhammer 40,00 dawn of war soulstorm
The elder scrolls 3: Morrowind
Starcraft+Starcraft expansion set
The orange box (I love PORTAL!!)
The Sims unleashed
The Sims deluxe edition
GAlactic Civilizations 2
Black and white
Star wars empire at war gold pack
Supreme commander
Black and white 2
Star wars battlegrounds saga
Dungeon keeper 2 (Still in its wrapper)
Battleield 2
Defcon (nuclear)
Age of mythology
Monopoly new edition (why the hell did I buy that?)
Civilization 4 Beyond the sword
Tropico 2 pirate cove
Hotel giant (why?)
PC gaming world
Sim city 4
Shopping centre tycoon (hate it)
Destroyer command
Empire earth the art of conquest
Empire earth
Close combat invasion normandy
Tomb raider legend
Warcraft 3
Pro rally 2001
Fighting steel
Rise of nations (awesome)
Battle of britian
Hornby virtual railway 2 (Very dull)
Warrior kings battles
Age of empires 2 gold edition
Armed and dangerous (it was 99p O.k, I know its awful)
Dungeon keeper gold.

far too many, still here? good and now the right column:

Warhammer 40,00 dawn of war dark crusade
Command and conquer genereals deluxe (Airforce genereal all the way)
Age of mythology the Titans
The Elder scrolls 3 Blood moon (werewolfy)
Command and conquer red alert 2
Nexus the jupiter incident
Various pc gamer demos
Sea dogs (navaly)
Hostile waters (the forgotten gem)
The movies stunts and effects
Pirates of the carribean (not the the movie tie in)
World in conflict
Total war eras 1st box
Total war eras 2nd box
Railroad tycoon 3 (i actually like this one)
Norton anti virus (never used it)
The movies
Civilization 4 warlords
Civilization 4
Tomb raider anniversary
Soldiers heroes of WW2
Rise fo nations gold edition
Ground control 2 (underrated, this is a great game)
Stronghold legends
Sim safari (this thing is so old)
theme hospital
Soldier of fortune special edition
Zoo tycoon
Cossacks anthology
Railroad tycoon

and the ones not in this photo are:
Red alert 2 Yuri's revenge (crazy game)
Homeworld 2
Heroes of might and magic V

well thats it, to be honest if you took the time to read all that you need a medal of some kind, I got sick of typing that list.
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