Cammy Rocks My Socks Picture

... and my jocks too So I'm sittin in Color and Design Class, bored silly from a critique (all great works, we've got a talented class, but critiques make me want to hurt myslef and others) when I started sketching. I decided, you can't have ChunLi without Cammy! Plus, Cammy was my favorite street fighter hands down. I kicked major ass with her back in the day ^_^.
Plus, the only other picture of cammy I have posted is a lame lil one of her looking small and frail and generic. Here I think she has some actual strength, like she might smack you round a bit.
Colored in Mythology, where we were discussing heroes, so I think it's fitting. She was one of mine!
oh, but her feet and back leg are wonky! >_<
colored pencil and pen
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