I'm not a Christian, but... Picture

...I do like a handful of Christian rock/metal bands. Their tunes are catchy, I just like metal period, regardless of the religion of the band members, and I love it when the lyrics are both positive and only ambiguously Christian. For instance it seems some Skillet songs are only ambiguously Christian in the lyrics, not directly mentioning God or Jesus but instead talking about faith, love, belief, etc. For this reason I can apply lyrics like that to my own personal spirituality, even though I'm a Kyrdan/pagan/agnostic and not a Christian. For instance, even though the Skillet song "Hero" is about Jesus, I have mentally always applied it to the Kyrdan war/earth god T'aeren, a hero in my personal mythologies.

I happen to be a big fan of alternative metal (I listened to that kind of music a lot in the mid 2000s when I was a teenager) and I've noticed the sound of a lot of the harder-edged Christian bands seem to lean towards the alternative metal-ish end of the spectrum. And good music is good music, no matter what religion you are, so I think people should not give a damn about whether the music is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, Hindu, etc. rock and just headbang away!

The bands whose logos show up in this stamp are as follows:
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