:OC: Aiia Picture

... I serously need to draw backgrounds more often. Any-way~...

In our Mythology class, we just began our unit on the Hero's Journey, which like the Creation Myth unit requires at the end an original written work of that description. So like with my creation myth (which I guess I should upload up here, huh? After I add more to it - since Mr. B said we could only cover one aspect of creation, I didn't add all I wanted to), I'm already planning for it well in advance.

Aiia (pronounced "Aya"), like Filonae of the creation myth I wrote, is a goddess. She'll probably play a major role in my Hero's Journey writing project, but probably as a catalyst/aid to the hero, whom I'm still trying to drag out of the depths of my mind for a concept pic. Akari and the others might have something to do with it too, at some point (but no way am I making Akari a damsel-in-distress). Personality-wise, she's in some ways a bit like Yuuko from xxxHolic, minus the alcohol bit, and as will be shown in the story, has a semi-strong big-brother complex for Xien, Filonae's husband and Aiia's brother.

Aiia (c) me

linearted, inked and colored with my usual methods.
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