Dream Eater's Midnight Snack Picture

As natives, and perhaps victims, of western culture, we are familiar with a shared set of mythologies. The stories of Greek heroes and gods are common reference. Yet somehow, the cultures and tales of the true westerners (the native Americans) are entirely lost and forgotten.

I take interest in various mythologies and religions, since they can be interwoven and toyed with when developing a narrative I was particularly interested in Native American pottery, used for both functional and spiritual purpose. Some tribes would suspend their ceramic vessels in midair to keep them out of reach from vermin, and sometimes to heat them. I took this idea and worked it into a different kind of vessel.

The starved little creature is a gourmand. His advanced palette demands only the most creative and vibrant dreams, but lately there's been a bit of a famine. Finding only a young insomniac, he decides to take matters into his own hands! Perhaps a little reading before bed would be good for the both of them. . .
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