Kappachan Picture

Look at the cute. You cannot resist the cute. Bow down to the cuteness that is Kappachan.

One of my dreams has always been to have a successful web comic, which is why I spend so much of my time drawing mini comics. I want to make and sell comics for the studio someday like some of my web comic heroes, I just need a good idea for a series. This is one of the ideas I've been batting around.

I've been a fan of Japanese mythology since I was a kid, even long before I liked anime, and my all time favorite mythological creature is the kappa. I've always wanted to do a story with a kappa in it, so I've been batting around the idea of a comic about a little kappa with a little human friend. This is my design for the kappa, I don't have a name decided for him yet so I've just been referring to him as "Kappachan."

These are only some doodles I did while waiting for ink to dry on another piece, they are far from the final designs. I don't really have a story worked out past the the kappa having a human friend and maybe subtly teaching about Japanese mythology either. But I figured I'd share my designs and see what you guys thought about it. Gimme some feedback! Does it sound like an interesting idea?

(P.S. Those of you who know a little about the mythology of the kappa, did you pick out the little references I made tales?
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