I am Thou Picture

I was playing through Persona 3 again a little while ago and realized, I'm crazy.
So I thought of my Persona, the improvement (?), and even my own shadow. But that isn't ever gonna be shown! You got that!
Anyway, about my Persona!

Greek Hero from the Trojan War and was believed to later found towns in Italy.
Arcana: Strength
Resistance: Physical
Weakness: None
Stat Focus: Strength
Stat Weakness: Luck
Stats: Strength: High; Magic: Moderate; Endurance: High; Agility: Moderate; Luck: Very Low
Skill Overview: Physical attacks, Healing/revival, with Defense boosters/reducers, and status recovery
(The stick in his hand is supposed to be a spear)

Hero from Sumerian mythology who was a demi-god king who had many adventures with his friend Enkidu; after Enkidu’s death he tried to gain immortality but failed.
Arcana: Strength
Immunity: None
Resistance: Physical, Light, Darkness
Weakness: None

I would simply have a lot of HP with a moderate amount of SP.

I do not own Shin Megami Tensei or Shin Megami Tensei Persona. Or the Tarot...
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