Loki Picture

Oh noeeesss It's Loki again!

From a sketch I did, found here: [link]

It turned out ok, but I feel like the face need a bit more...oomph...compared to the clothing (which I love! Honestly I was tempted to lob his head off and simply submit his clothes XD). I may come back and fix it, I don't know...it all depends. Thinking about it...I probably should have with with a more realistic styled face T_T... Hng.

Over all, I really like the pencil sketch better, as far as form and having it look the way I wanted it too.

By Odin's Eyepatch!!
I ended up giving him the little smirk like in the original and it seems to have improved it--at least to me. I guess it's aways those little details!
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