Children of Death and Wealth Picture

Spoiler warning for the Son of Neptune!

'Look, I know this is hard,' Nico said. 'But you have a second chance. You can make things right.'
'Nothing about this is right,' Hazel said. 'If they find out the truth about me-'
'They won't,' Nico promised. 'They'll call a quest soon. They have to. You'll make me proud. Trust me, Bi-'
He caught himself, but Hazel knew what he'd almost called her:
Bianca. Nico's real sister - the one he'd grown up with. Nico might care about Hazel, but she'd never be Bianca. Hazel was the simply the next best thing Nico could manage - a consolation prize from the Underworld.

So, yeah, I've finally started reading the Son of Neptune. Needless to say that I didn't stop reading until Nico showed up for the first time.
I really liked that scene, especially since it points something very important out about the Heroes of Olympus. Actually, it points two important things out. The scene is taken one to one from the book, inclusive the mistake. So, I've been wondering if Rick Riordan kicked his beta reader out after starting the HoO-series, because really, the amount of mistakes in Lost Heroes was ridiculous.
Second thing is something that made me roll my eyes during Lost Heroes, too. The comparison between the old characters and the new ones;
Beckendorf - Leo, in the means of being a child of Hephaestus, the head of the cabin.
Silena - Piper, same as the above, just added a bit traitor-guilt in this one.
Grover - Leo, because he's the third wheel, the goofball of the trio.
Annabeth - Piper, because she's the girl, she's obviously the only one even remotely knowing what the heck is going on with Greek mythology and she's the love interest.
Jason - Percy, because... really, do I have to write THAT one out? -__-
And now Rick's even pointing the Hazel - Bianca thing out that obvious. To make one thing clear, I like the new kids, but I don't like that the parallels between them and the old ones are that obvious.
So, reason why I really like Hazel. Because she's a bit more different. Partly due to her little curse-thing.
Now I'm wondering when I'll start comparing Frank to Clarisse, which in itself seems right now very ridiculous to me, because that clumsy teddy bear has nothing of a child of the war god. I've been so happy about having a bit Clarisse at the end of Lost Hero and now I can't wait for the next book - because there's no way that she and many other campers are going to join the crew of the Argo II, right?
I'm rambling again...

Back to the picture! So I really like that scene and here they are - Hazel and Nico having their conversation on the rooftop of the Temple of Pluto, with a distant picture of Bianca, in the memory and heart of Nico so to say.
Yeah, I know I'm not sticking with that whole ghostly-white skin of Nico and I never will, because that was the mooost ridiculous thing Rick Riordan did during that series - which in itself is saying something, because as much as I love PJatO, there are many ridiculous things about it. I mean, he's quarter-Italian, he got olive-skin by birth through heritage. You don't just loose your natural skin-color because you spend much time in the underworld, that's kind of really stupid. Or is this (without being disrespectful towards the dead) what had happened to Michael Jackson, too? Humans with a certain skin-complex don't just bleach out like that. Nico and Bianca having olive skin was what I really liked, because it was breaking cliches; children of Death not being deathly white. Really, I could go on about that topic for hours... So I'll stop now.

Hazel Levesque, Nico di Angelo, Bianca di Angelo (C) Rick Riordan
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