Main PJ-KC-verse Picture

I kinda just wanted to compile the kids from all the verses, and I wanted to draw them for awhile now....cus I'm a huge sad sad nerd.
Since Harry Potter is over *chokes back sob* I've been reading the Percy Jackson/LostHero/KaneChronicles books.
I'm not sure they have the same lasting power or exactly the cult pull of Harry Potter, but theyre well written, pretty imaginative, a large universe to work off of...and I'm TOTALLY gay over anything mythology related XD

I'm a sad human, in which if someone asked me what my favorite series are I'd respond Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson.
(oh god I need to find a cross over between all of those.)

Anyway, Main three from Percy Jackson
Percy, Annabeth, Grover (the symbols next to it are..tritum for pj, sword for annab, ..grass for grov)
Main three from the...not..percy jackson, but still yeah percy jackson
Jason, Piper, Leo (I LOVE Leo. So much.) (Symbols, Lightning for J, Flower for P, Fire for Leo)
Main three from Kane Chronicles
Carter, Sadie and Zia. (I also love Sadie. Sadie and Leo should have beautiful mixed race god babies. once theyre older obviously.)
(symbol is just the Kane cartouche..>>; )
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