PRINCESS BOX -- Fior Thunderhart Picture

So people could see that my delayed project, PRINCESS BOX, is not dead, I decided to upload the character sheets for the hero and heroine of the story.

They are somewhat unfinished and may be apt to change upon actually being revealed in the comic but here's my idea for them as of right now.


Valkyrie Princess of the powerful Air Kingdom in the realm of Asgardia, Fior was summoned to the human world after Jessie first opened the mysterious chest he dubbed the "PRINCESS BOX". Being a princess of Asgardia means she is one of the strongest fighters in her kingdom and, outside of being in control of the most powerful weapon, the hammer Mjolnir, she is a skilled battle master who can also summon lightning powers and move effortlessly through the air. Her personality is a bit odd, however, and she definitely takes some getting used to. She's somewhat regal in nature, due to her upbringing, so she often talks down to others, even if unintentionally, and can be seen as selfish. She doesn't care for perverts but sometimes finds them 'interesting'. While Fior doesn't chat frivolously, she is quite harsh with some of her condescending responses and remains quite blunt, regardless of the mood. But for every "tsun", there is a "dere", and Fior has quite the soft side hidden under her tough exterior. She's very considerate towards those she cares for and secretly tries to make everyone happy in any situation, even if she would never admit it. Fior has an extreme love for cute, odd things and often has trouble containing herself over them. She also has a strange tendency to cry uncontrollably when overly happy.

Fior was a character I created kind of randomly that actually inspired me to come up with the story of PRINCESS BOX. The original sketch I did of her (not uploaded) was in this cool armor which lead me to the whole Norse God mythology thing and then my love of harem romcoms lead to the rest. She's obviously based of the God of Thunder, Thor (Fior), and is a bit of a tsundere as well as one of those hard-to-read-her-emotions types. I guess you'll just have to read it to find out more! Also yes, her panty design was necessary! Hahaha~

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