Chrono Cross - Two-faced Picture

------Chrono Cross------

(JP version: Alf/Maou)

Ok, as you can see by the many names mentioned above, this dear lovely character is considered to be a mysterious type, in fact, in all the games that include him, only near the ending of Chrono Trigger do they actually reveal his story. Besides that, he remains a mysterious person throughout the entire Chrono Series.

This character's true birth name is known as Janus. Now according to mythology, Janus was a two-faced roman god of the gates, doors, beginnings and endings. Quite fitting honestly if you play Chrono Trigger. This is where this picture idea came in... in the light you have the Chrono Cross version known as Guile, and in the shadow the Chrono Trigger version known as Magus.

Once again, playing heavily on shadows. I want to feel comfortable doing it since it seems to be a good technique to convoy the emotion of evil, darkness and mysteriousness.
I think the most challenging part was to actually try and make the character show both different characteristics of Magus and Guile, who happen to almost be complete opposites in designs. . .

Let me state this right away: Chrono Trigger is by far thee best SNES game for me, and ranks on the top 5 all-time favourite RPGs in total. I remember playing this when I barely knew how to read, haha but it was definitely still and all time favourite even after 13 years later. With that said when Chrono Cross came out, which is suppose to be a sequel to Chrono Trigger, I was all psyched for it.

I was seriously a tad disappointed. Yes, it's a good plotline and gameplay, but it... it doesn't rank close to Chrono Trigger in my opinion.
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