Nava-Verse Archives #62: Prime Galaxy Superheroes Picture

INDIVIDUALS: The people showcased here are have been selected for encyclopedic, in this case biographical, inclusion on the grounds of them being among the most successful, unique and generally notable of the many heroic adventurers, most commonly termed "superheroes", that have been emerging and pushing the boundaries of what mortals are capable of for roughly a century now. This "movement" seems to have largely been started by the Mulshian Eggmen Super Team, who inspired, either directly or indirectly, most of the initial "superheroes" that came after them over the course of their later career and especially following their disbandment. However, it also can be, and has been, attributed to the seemingly inexplicable spike in the frequency of extra–mortal mutants that has been observed and verified during recent years, a phenomenon whose cause is unknown. Some claim, presumably based on pure, unfounded superstition, that it was somehow also "triggered" by the adventures and legacy of the Eggmen, but there is no actual evidence pointing to this.

Due to bandwidth limitations, each of these three's biographies will have to be posted separately elsewhere.

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