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Am I seriously the only one who has ever noticed this? Sunset Shimmer's infamous "She-Demon" form actually bears a strong resemblance to the Real-Life Mythological Female Demon-like Creature known as the *Succubus*, the same type of demon-like creature that Morrigan from the ->Darkstalkers<- franchise is supposed to be, where as the Male equivalent of this Demon species is known as the *Incubus*, which would have been what the Human Snips & Snails would have become when Sunset Demonized them both, so this ultimately makes me wonder if there have been any other *Succubi* & *Incubi* in Equestrian Legends of Demons, and if so then they could be used as good material for potential MLP: FiM/EQG Villains for our heroes to battle sometime in the future, even use a band of these Demons as the Main Villains in yet another Equestria Girls Movie.

*Edit* I wanted to include a 3rd example of a Succubus-like She-Demon for this picture for the sake of having a 3rd example period, the 3rd She-Demon I used for this picture is the character Reika(Jessica in the English Dub) from the 3rd Season of the Japanese "Stitch!" Anime Series staring the titular character 'Stitch' from the "Disney's Lilo & Stitch" franchise, the anime took place in an alternate future set somewhere around 30 years after the finale to the "Lilo & Stitch" series (in other words the direct-to-DVD movie "Leroy & Stitch"), the picture of her above is from Season 3 Episode 13 entitled "Witch"("Halloween Party at the House of the Witch" in original Japanese Dub), in the episode Reika(Jessica) is possessed by Experiment 610 a.k.a. Witch, at first Witch made Reika(Jessica) look like a stereotypical witch with a magic wand & a flying broom, but later to make Reika(Jessica) become more of a Battle Warrior, Witch then made Reika(Jessica) transform into a Succubus-like She-Demon which also bears a strong resemblance to the Succubus "Morrigan Aensland" from the "Darkstalkers" franchise, and Reika(Jessica)'s Demon transformation is also similar to Sunset Shimmer's Demon transformation, so Reika(Jessica)/Witch is another example of a Succubus-like Demon appearing in a Children's Program.

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