PD Redesign: Thundergirl Picture

Real Name: Marie Baxton
Powers: By saying "Vanir!", Marie gains the Strength of Freyja, The Stamina of Hlin, The Knowledge of Vor, the Swiftness of the Brunnhilde and the Lightning of Thor. In order, Super Strength and Durabillity, Genius-level intellect, Super Speed, Flight and Electricity Manipulation. Saying the word again reverts him back to his normal self.
Equipment: None

Golden Age Origin
"When the Batson twins, Billy and Mary Batson, were nursed by a woman named Sarah Primm. However, after their parents died Mary was secretly given to the the wealthy Ms. Bromfield by Mrs. Primm, while Billy was sent to the orphanage.

Years later, Billy received an urgent letter from a dying Sarah Primm. She reveals the truth ans gives him a half of a locket which his sister possessed the other half. Billy told his friend Freddy Freeman and the two heroes transform into Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. The two of them then begin looking for a contestant on Billy's radio quiz show that had a broken locket. They find the girl is being kidnapped and save her. They reveal their secret identities to Mary and inform her that she is Billy's sister. Mary wonders if she too could transform using Billy's magic word, "Shazam!"

The Kidnappers awaken and gag both of the boys. Mary then accidentally says Shazam and transforms defeating the crooks and saving the boys who dub her Mary Marvel."

Rebooted Origin

And the final member of the Thunderbird trio, Thundergirl. For her, she doesn't have the feather cape like both Freddie and Billy, and her powers come from the goddesses of Norse Mythology, except for Thor.

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