OC October Challenge: Day 4: Rowan Nayar Picture

Rowan is literally the only adult of the entire cast of major characters. As a 700-year-old Cerberus demon from Magistrae, he was the "runt of the litter" in his clan, only growing to about 2 feet tall in his default imp-form, compared to the normal height of 3 feet. And as if that wasn't bad enough, he's also exiled, which is why he now lives with Amy on Earth as her foster-father. Her real step-parents were completely lost as to how to raise the only magic-wielding child on Earth and were just about to consider giving her back to the state when Amy and Rowan––who could morph into a 27-year-old man to blend in with humans––formulated the plan of having them waive their custody of Amy over to him, on the condition that they could still keep in contact with her.

He can initiate hexes, jinxes, and curses, morph into his "true form" (Hellhound dog-monster) at will or by instincts (if by instincts, he turns feral), or morph into a human at will. All demons are naturally nocturnal creatures, so he's much more active and alert at night. But in order to help support both him and Amy (even though she earns a government income as a World Hero), he normally works as a mythology instructor at the local college. This is done easily in his human form, because his circadian rhythm is turned into a human's, making him sleep normally at night. His glasses are fake; he looks like any normal human with his disguise, except for his blood-red eyes that cannot change. So his glasses are tinted to hide them when out in public.

Despite his stern attitude, he's actually quite friendly, instructive, paternal, and bookish. He encourages Amy's fervent habit of reading fantasy and tries to make her a bit less naive and more knowledgeable by occasionally introducing her to other mythological stories and tales. He does have a demon name, but it's sacred and holds dire consequences if said by a non-demon. Since he's exiled, he no longer goes by his demon name. Not even Amy knows it.

Rowan has started to turn into another one of my favorites in my cast. I've never been very good with creating adult characters, but for whatever reason, Rowan gave me this adult-like feeling from him. I also had this "what if he was a human?" idea and I immediately pictured him as a dark-skinned bohemian type of guy, possibly Indian-descent. And it felt right for his character. c:

I've been slowly working on a side-story that delves deeper into his history and his father-daughter friendship with Amy. It's gonna be cute.
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