Tristram of Lyoness Picture

Another character design of my story "Chivalry" base on the King Arthur mythology.
This cg is done in photoshop cs2 with mouse too.
It took me 3 weeks to complete this cg.

Born in sorrow by a dying woman, Tristram was raised by a faithful tutor who saw that he learned the chivalric arts.
After several adventures in which he proved his worth to his uncle, King Mark of Cornwall, Tristram was sent to Ireland to fetch the beautiful Isolde, who was to be Mark's bride. Tristram and Isolde accidentally drank a potion that caused them to fall deeply and in love. Even after Isolde married King Mark, the lovers continued to meet secretly, causing King Mark to hate Tristram.

1)The flower Tristram is holding is actually called Queen of the Night,
The flower blooms only at night and wither away within few hours.
It actually means beautiful thing doesn't last long
and somehow I feel that it symbolise Tristram's love.
2)The item he is holding on the other hand is a harp,
Tristram is not onlly talented in fighting but he is equally skilled in music.
3)In my story Tristram drank the potion because he is almost half blinded. He cannot see any color due to an eye injury which he aquired while trying to save his step mother, when his father decided to burn her mother alive after finding out that the step mother is a evil woman.
4) Tristram is a tragic hero who defeated every knight except Sir Lancelot. The secret of his power in battle is his eyes. Because of the fact that he cannot see colors, the vision signal send to his brain is much faster than a normal fighter, this enable Tristram to look into the future and is able to to react in advance.
5)While Sir Lancelot is the knight of perfection, he cannot defeat Sir Tristram. Sir Tristram is a handicapped and is not a perfect knight. I always believe in Ying and Yang and thus I believe that the only way to counter a perfect stroke is to fend it with a imperfect stroke.
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