The Tragedy of Darth Vader Picture

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Time for another geek out, this time about Star Wars' central hero and villain. All stolen- er, adapted from "Star Wars The Legacy Revealed."

What can you say about Vader? He radiates the glamor of evil. He's the personification of sheer will power. Outwardly he appears as ultimate wish fulfillment. With the power he possesses he doesn't even need to touch anyone or even physically move to take them down. He's got the swagger, the power, and limitless confidence, he is unstoppable and represents the superficial reward for choosing evil. Who isn't attracted to being that sort of person?
When we first met Vader we never suspected his true nature hidden behind the mask. On the exterior he is the picture of power, but inwardly Vader is living in his own perpetual hell of pain, self-loathing and dispassion. Over time we learn that he had once been a passionate and proud hero. As a child he displayed great gifts but led a life shaped by tragedy.
Anakin's most defining characteristic is his pure passion. His devotion to his friends, his love for Padme, and his desire to be a hero are his strengths, but his passion is a double-edged sword. It serves as his greatest strength but also his weakness, it makes him impatient, arrogant and most importantly obsessed with control. In the end it is his passion that destroys everything he holds dear.
Vader both begins and ends in fire. Anakin's initiation as a Sith was just his beginning, but the true birth of Vader came with the damnation of Anakin. His former self burned away as a result of his own unbridled passion, and his sentence is to be transformed into a mechanical monster void of any human emotion, which is the ultimate punishment for someone so deeply passionate.
Yet Vader planted the seeds of his own salvation in the form of his children. He passes on his own wounds to his son, who essentially bears the Mark of Cain in the form of his mechanical hand. This serves as an important lesson to Luke who learns from his father's mistakes and rather than acting on his passions, he is able to achieve inner peace rather than choose the violent path Anakin did. As a result he is now vulnerable to death, but by offering himself as a sacrifice he redeems his father who is able to destroy evil. The father is redeemed through the son (You know, if God ever brings this to court, George Lucas will have the mother and father of all lawsuits on his hands).
And at last Luke burns away all that is left of Darth Vader, bringing him full circle, Vader began and ended in fire.
Powerful stuff. My major area of study in college was fairy tales and mythology, some day I'm going to have to write a whole thesis on this crap...
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