Hathor Picture

So I realized I didn't have many mystical heroes for my vague superhero stuff (really, Anima was the only one with magic-based powers), so I thought I'd try and make one. Inspired by the fact that Marvel heavily use Thor and the Norse pantheon, and DC heavily use Wonder Woman and the Greek pantheon... Well, I figured why not I use Egyptian mythology? XD

So Hathor is... Literally the Egyptian goddess Hathor, patron of love, beauty, joy, music, and other wonderful, positive things. Despite not having been worshipped for millenia, she suddenly reappeared as humanity moved into the new heroic age to help protect them from the dark forces that had began awakening. She's not the only ancient divinity to have emerged in modern times, but she is by far the most prolific, being one of the core three members of the world's premier superhero team and the first to rally heroes together whenever a major mystical threat emerges. Whilst there are many evil sorcerers and misguided criminals weilding magical artifacts that she faces, her primary enemy is the God of Storms and Chaos, Set. And lurking in the shadows behind him is the great serpent of the apocalypse, Apep, enemy of Ra and lord of chaos.

Being a literal deity, Hathor ranks amongst the most powerful heroes of the world. Her magical power is immense, and her physical capabilities eclipse those of mere mortals. Few mortal weapons can even harm her, too, and these powers make her one of the heaviest hitters in the setting. Not to say she doesn't have her weaknesses or anything, just that she's pretty much along the lines of Thor in terms of power. However, despite her usually joyful and loving nature, when she gets angry... It's not pretty. If pushed even further, she will eventually undergo a metamorphosis into the bloodthirsty Sekhmet, a berserk entity who cares only for carnage and bloodshed who will only change back once her bloodthirst is sated or someone somehow manages to calm her down. ...Naturally, seeing this, as well as Hathor's powers to bring out joy and love amongst people, she is sometimes teamed up with Anima, as they complement each other nicely.

Original lineart and base colours by me, lineart fixups by
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