APH: Little Sister Picture

APH headcanon: Scotland found Ireland on an expidition during the Iron Age (About 800-600BC). Scotland sort of grew up before he grew out. I love awkawrd-teen!Scotland. He's not quite sure what to make of Chibi-Ireland, but he knows he's taking her home with him. Because of all the immigration between the two, they're probably the closest to being actual blood siblings. Also, I can't draw backgrounds. Sue me.

History Tiemz!!!

Celtic peoples, probably from Scotland came to Ireland during the Iron Age, displacing the original inhabitants of Ireland. Even before that during the Ice Age, people suspect there was an ice bridge between Great Britain and Ireland, allowing people to migrate across the Irish Sea to Ireland. Ancient peoples did not keep written records, so most Irish history has been lost. What we know now is based heavily on archeology and theories.

Back on track, Celts conquered Ireland during the Iron Age, though they were not a single unified group. Different family groups, or clans, spread out over the island, and while they had a uniting culture and language, they were often at war with each other. Don't have a cow man, most of their wars were over cattle, a commodity very important in Irish-Celtic society for food and clothing. As for Ireland's connection to Scotland, the first Celtic peoples in Ireland were likely from Scotland, and then in about 400-500AD Gaels from Ireland migrated to Scotland, becoming the ethnic group known as the original Scots, bringing Celtic culture and Christianity back to Scotland and the rest of Great Britain during the Dark Ages (that magical time in history where everyone forgot how to read). Because of this, the Irish and Scottish have close cultural and linguistic connections.

Another connection I like is a mythological one. Cu Chulainn, legendary Irish hero was trained by Scathach, The Warrior Maid and King Maker. Scathach was according to legend from what is now known as Scotland (Then called Alba, meaning 'Alps') Putting my Hetalia lense back on again, this is why I think Scotland taught Ireland how to fight. It's kind of fun to imagine Sccotland trying to teach her, Ireland being a brat, and Scotland losing his temper, turning the lessons into more, er, practical than theoretical
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