Disney Princess Superheroes - Mer Picture

Here is the first in my series of princesses-turned-superheroes. I've always loved comics and the mythology of superheroes, and the Disney princesses have a special place in my heart. It's been done before, but I decided to try my hand at combining the two! I plan to do the first ten ladies in the official Disney princess lineup. First up is Ariel!

Codename: Mer

Powers: Hydrokinesis, adaption to underwater living (able to breathe on land or in water), cellular regeneration (able to heal from injury or illness whilst in the ocean), ability to communicate with sea mammals.

Weaknesses: Fire, dry climates

Origin: Mer is a princess of the ocean kingdom Atlantis. The youngest of her six sisters, Mer knew she would never rule, so she set her sights on leading the Atlantian guard. She trained her whole life and showed an aptitude for battle early, becoming especially proficient with her favorite weapon, the trident. After a chance encounter with a shipwrecked sailor she became fascinated by life above the sea and increasingly torn between her underwater home and the world of men. When Mer came of age she left Atlantis for dry land, to serve as an ambassador between Atlantis and humankind, and to protect and defend all living things against evil. She mainly works alone but will readily come to the aid of other heroes who need her help.

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