Sonicsaga - Robotlords Picture

This is what I've been spending the latest week on and boy am I glad to be done with it. The picture is a little dirty, but that's because I didn't ink it and at this point I honestly don't care.

This picture features the 3 Sonic Villians who commands vast armies of robots...

Eggman: Nuff said.
Dark Oak: Overlord of the alien-robot empire, the Metarex.
Professor Nova: Female super-scientist who advances in both robotics and bio-mechanism. She's one of my original characters.


Everyone has their own opinion on how the Sonic Universe should be, and SONICSAGA is my own version of it. It follows the games religiously, but with some Sonic X elements (it's human characters NOT one of them), plus some other original stories in-between the game-plots.

To make it short, SONICSAGA is basicly the principle for my own Sonic manga-concept, but unless it actually becomes my paid job I doubt I'll be able to actually MAKE it. *sigh*


Nova, like Eggman, is a mad scientist, though her goals are vastly different and she seem to specialize in bio-tech as well, a field Eggman only touched once (with the creation of the first Shadow Android).
Beacause of her Japanese roots some of her designs tend to have an oriental 'feel' to them, such as robots looking like samurais or mythological creatures. (Kappa, Tengu, etc)

Nova is Omochao's creator and the main villian in a Sonic Heroes 2 plot I've been working on called "Sonic Warriors".
She's been monitoring Sonic & co secretly ever since they appeared on Earth (mostly via her spycam, the Omochao) and has studied everything about them from the way they act to the way they fight, to the point where she's become able to calculate and predict their movements at times, making her extremely difficult to defeat in the final 3 "Boss-battles".
In addition to her robots and bio-creatures, Nova also has a team of fighters at her disposal, playable as "Team Nova" (the members can be found here: [link]).

One of the main reasons I created her is because I refuse to accept that Tails would be able to create a friggin interstellar spaceship by himself (Sonic X - Metarex saga) cuz of the resources needed for such, so in my continuity Nova have a hand in it.
The other reason is that I feel the Sonic-series could use a "Washu-character". XD

Anyhow, she's a character I've been constructing the latest year and I'm very satisfied with her.
Expect to see more of her in the future.


To be brutally honest, this picture was originally supposed to feature Black Doom as well, but I ran out of paper. XD
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