Ran - Goddess of the Sea Picture

Ran is the goddess of the sea in Nordic Mythology. Her husband is the giant Ägir. They have seven daughters.

Ran has a net in which she catches drowning sailors. She was much feared.

In the Saga of Frithjof the brave (Friðþjófs saga hins frœkna), the hero Frithjof says the following when he find himself in a violent storm thinking he will drown and never see his beloved Ingeborg again.

Sat ek á bólstri í Baldrshaga,
kvað, hvat ek kunna, fyr konungs dóttur.
Nú skal ek Ránar raunbeð troða,
en annar mun Ingibjargar.

I sat on bolster in Balder's Grove,
sang what I knew to the king's daughter.
Now I go to bed with Ran
and another at the side of Ingeborg.

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