Tainted Legacy : Profiles 1 Picture

Name: Scott Williams
aka: Thunderstuck

Brief History: Scott was raised in Atlanta, Ga by his aunt, never knowing anything about his father other than the fact that he was white and that his mother died in child birth. Scott was the oldest of six children that shared his Aunt home and responsibility was thrust on him and because of that he never had a real childhood. He discovered his abilities at 16 but kept them a secret until he was 19 when a super battle between Kid Spartan and Dr Nemesis destroyed most of the block he lived in. At first he and Mathew(Kid Spartan) were at odds, he considered Mathew a silver spooned child with serious daddy issues but that changed when Mathew not only started a charity to rebuild the neighborhood the battle destroyed he also lent a hand. The pair became the best of friends.

Along with Xien and four others they formed a group of young heroes, funded by Kid Spartan's tremendous assets as well as the monthly allowance The School provided to it's unique students, Scott was able to provide his Aunt's family a life they never thought possible. Scott also invested wisely and soon he and his family were independently wealthy enough that he no longer needed Mathew's support (although he still kept the checks and gave the money to black charities).

After Mathew's suicide, Scott left The School and focused on his investments. Recently Jenny has contacted him and informed him that he is the son of the superhuman mostly known as Zeus in Greek Mythology and when she asked for his aid, eager to jump back into 'the life' Scott jumped at it.

Powers: Scott can fire electrical energy from his body as well as use this ability to fly. Twice as strong and fast as a normal human his size and weight, Scott can also use his abilities to speed up his thought process. It is assumed that Scott is immortal or ages at an extremely slow rate, yet he can be killed.

Personality: Scott is very straight forward but is known for his quick wit and occasional smart mouth.

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